CNC lathe master
Age under 40 years old, understand the automation of CNC lathes, understand the simple programming and operation;
Business clerk
Requirements: female, high school or higher, computer operating skills, a better English foundation
Freight forwarding operator
1, familiar with the relevant provisions of import and export business and policy requirements and the entire import and export operations; familiar with the factory documents business priority.
2, operation booking, tokens, Jincang, customs and other operational processes. Yiwu operation to operate goods experience, 2 years experience in freight forwarding operations
3, with a certain degree of communication and the ability to deal with the problem, with a certain English ability;
Warehouse Manager
1, according to the provisions of materials and equipment out of the library acceptance, accounting and payment work, so that accounts match.
  2, at any time to grasp the inventory status, to ensure timely supply of materials and equipment, give full play to the efficiency of turnover.
3, on a regular basis to clean up the warehouse to keep the Treasury neat and beautiful, so that the classification of materials and equipment, storage neatly, the number of accurate.
4, familiar with the corresponding material equipment varieties, specifications, models and performance, fill in clear.
5, do a good job in the safe management of the Treasury, check the warehouse fire, anti-theft facilities, timely plug loopholes.
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